Tuesday, 18 September 2012

sleeping booty

Walking into the city last night I loved the way the creepers around the edge of parliament house had grown and twisted around each other (just like the creeps on the inside of parliament house...). Very Sleeping Beauty. Which reminds me I don't think I have told you the story of the Parliamentary Pomegranates have I? Can't remember. Let me know if you I have/haven't.
Well I didn't get very far with my plans to finish those ric rac skirts first thing Monday morning. Instead I drove around dropping off lamingtons and marmalade to poor lamington-and-marmaladeless friends and drinking cups of tea. (In case you are wondering Show results will be posted online on Saturday.) Today I really will get those skirts finished... unless something else pops up.... no, I will.
Better stop dillying and dallying.
Things to do.

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