Wednesday, 12 September 2012


A day in the kitchen today.
The Royal Show entries need to be delivered on Sunday morning and as I have had a couple of very slack preserving seasons I am having to make up for wasted time.
I've tried to repair the not quite jellified pomegranate jelly and cooked up the blood orange jelly- fingers crossed they set properly. I did a batch of cumquat marmalade before I went to Tasmania but discovered today that I had made 'exhibition shred' instead of the 'breakfast chunky' that I had accidentally entered. Luckily I had a batch of blood orange marmalade ready to cook up so now I have a spare batch of very beautiful and delicious cumquat marmalade going spare. Dell says the blood orange tastes like sunshine in a jar.
Now I've got the oven clean and holding temperature spot on and have bought new sponge sandwich tins it was time to do a test bake. I used my usual sponge recipe and they turned out fabulous- so we had to eat one for afternoon tea! Whipped cream and passionfruit icing. Very proud of my sponges and I will have to make a plain and a ginger fluff and whip up a batch of lamingtons. Really wondering why we have signed up, competition cooking is hell!
And there is the chocolate truffles too. I made the mix today but used a different leatherwood honey and a slightly different chocolate, I'm not so sure about them. Oh well. I'm sure everyone will enjoy eating the leftovers.
My hopes lie with my sponges (jinxed myself now).


  1. my absolute favourite sponge...right there.

  2. cheering you on from over here pen!!
    all the way, with many blue ribbons.....

  3. cheering you on from over here!!!!
    i hope you win blue ribbons for all!xz

  4. I read this post with great interest. Have wanted to enter the Royal Show Competition for years (friends and I plan to do a chutney-a-thon amongst ourselves first, and decide which of us should enter). Best of luck! Sunshine in a jar sounds magnificent, and the sponge cake has me drooling. I can almost taste it!


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