Wednesday, 12 September 2012

rickety rackety

Spring is doing its thing. Balmy days, nights full of heady scent then rain and chills forecast. It's just the Summer I dread.
I had a bunch of freesias delivered, picked from a friend's front yard and they are sitting in a jar with some beautiful pink roses I nicked from the maximum security old people's home down the back. Lovely lovely lovely.
I've come over all floral. The last two days have been in the studio. Monday was hard and I felt like my brain had shrivelled, cutting the simplest pattern was like climbing Mount Everest but then I changed tack (to mix metaphors) and I got the 10 gore skirt started. Five different florals and a mess of French cotton ric rac. These skirts are super pretty, perfect for twirling...... are they too cute though? No, they are quite lovely just definitely not fluoro yellow and pink. Oh well, I must march to the beat of my own fashion drum.
Working in the studio is a bit hard at the moment, it's even pretty hard actually getting the door open to get into the damn place. I'll have to work with blinkers on until I get through this week and then I'll have to plan a clean and sort attack. Mind you I have a delivery of cushion inserts on Thursday and I have no where to stash them, that will be fun.
I'm working from home today, well not actually 'work', more getting the stuff for the Royal Show a bit sorted. The oven is fine, thermometer checked and it appears it was actually the bloody recipe that was wrong (my gut had told me it was a bit weird but more on that at another time). Once I've got this written and packed up the pile of Welsh blanket cushions in the shop that are going to Sydney to decorate a bar, I'll be heading out to get supplies in.
I'll report later on my progress!

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