Wednesday, 5 September 2012

tasmatic touring

Hello my lovelies!
You may have noticed that I have been away. Perhaps not. Maybe relieved that there has been a lack of drivel sprouting from this little blog.
Anyway I am back, 10 days on the Apple Isle, not that I ever visit there in the real apple season. It would be lovely to see the blossom but I am always a little to early for that.
I arrived back on the ferry at sparrow's fart this morning and spent from 7am until the shop opened putting things to rights, unpacking the car, doing the washing, displaying new stock that arrived whilst I was away. Now it feels like 5.30pm instead of 2.30pm. I am heading towards that shattered-post-holiday-email-frantic-catchup-ness that makes all that fresh air and vistas shrivel into a dream.
I might bore you with a few photos over the next few days but they will all be moody Hipstamatic type images as I barely pulled out my real camera the whole time I was away (I think there might be a couple of shots of a wallaby and joey that got snapped at Freycinet but that's about it). I kind of enjoyed taking these Tasmatic pics as they made me think of old postcards and slide shots. More 'holiday-y'.
On the shop side 3 of the 4 boxes of new Slade Summer cardis, that arrived a couple of days ago, have been unpacked. We've got fine cotton cardis in V-neck 3/4 sleeve and crew neck full length sleeve and I suggest if you are thinking of getting one (or two or three) that you do it quick sticks based on how popular the Winter ones were. I missed the  hot flushed days at the start of the week and now the wind is threatening to blow us all away. I've packed the last of the woollen sweaters and cardis away but if you want any just ask and we can pull them out. I do think the wool lace tights are a perfect Spring accessory- I never trust that day will stay truly warm at this time of the year!
Sorry to be mixing shop shit up with holiday ramblings but the wind seem to have me vibrating a bit to much and jumping about like I'm shocked full of static. I will settle down after a night in my own bed. I'm also shopgirl tomorrow whilst Dell is still away. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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  1. we missed you - I like reading here and it was TOO QUIET.


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