Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Slowly slowly.
The ric-rac-roos still aren't finished but are getting closer, just a lot of handstitching to do (decided against machining part of the waistbands) and buttonholes and buttons. Late yesterday though I got cutting and the Stella skirts are back in production. Of course in my procrastination I had forgotten what a joy they are to make- duh. I've picked up zips and thread and hopefully I'll whizz through the pile today and feel miserable at the end when I see I have even more handsewing to do!
I woke up to the D-Files this morning and a shoot of Lisa and Dean's house. They live around the corner and their house 'Boston Villa' was my dream home for so long, I used to stand at the gate in its derelict days and imagine what I would do with. Then it sold and renovation started, my heart broke (from jealousy, envy, annoyance) but I have to admit they've done a grand job. And I'm lucky to say that if you look really closely you might even see some Cottage product tucked into those images. A Union Jack WWI bunting cushion, a corner of a Welshie on a chair, a stripy linen glass cloth quilt on a bed..... pretty chuffed! And I do love that Bauer Pottery (like I need more ceramics in my life...).

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