Saturday, 8 September 2012

on top of the world

Because it's Saturday I've decided we should have some calming Cradle Mountain scenes. Imagine being rugged up snug in your jacket, beanie on head (or on this day two beanies on head), scarf around neck, listening to the wind whispering, the waves of the lake lapping, leaves rustling and birdies tweeting, breath in deeply, feel the icy crystal air fill your lungs....... joy!
Anyway, that's how I spent my birthday day. I think everyone should have a birthday by themselves every now and then (or in my case every year!), it's actually very good for the soul to not have to deal with the expectations of celebration. It's a very calm place to be once you embrace it. Especially when you are surrounded in a truly glorious day like this one.

And now back to earth with a thud.
It's Saturday and I'm shopgirl today. After the balmy start to the week we are back to cold, which I am fine with, I need some breathing space to get some Spring-y clothing made. The cardis are starting to move and lots of comments on how lovely they are, remember to be quick with these as we don't buy in  a huge amount and they are very hard to re-order. I had an appointment yesterday to choose next Winter's wool cardi and sweater styles and colours, brain drain on that, so hard on a limited budget like ours!
I need to re-do the shop window tomorrow I think. Time perhaps to take the gloves down, sort of like petals dropping on the magnolia tree now Spring is definitely on the move. A bit of a Spring clean in fact, well more a Spring shuffle of stuff. A list may even have to be written (arrrrggghhh).
OK time to sweep and shop out, damn this wind, and get the day under way. I've been out to the shops, got the papers (not that I really ever get to read them these days), popped the cream to be clotted in the oven (that is a post for another day) and had words with Jethro for putting gloves outside. I'm looking forward to an 'off' day tomorrow.

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  1. I like the idea of spending the day alone..especially if it was in such an amazing landscape.I would keep the gloves within easy reach..still going to get cold snaps and there are plenty of underdressed visitors here at the moment.


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