Sunday, 9 September 2012

unclotted and unset

Things have not gone right today.
I stuffed the clotted cream, the pomegranate liquid boiled over and I lost half of it all over the stove, then the pomegranate jelly hasn't set (I forgot that I should have used pectin), I burnt the expensive Black Pig bacon and have ruined all the good work I put into cleaning the oven and the new window display is pretty lame. A full and tiring day.
Now the pomegranate jelly has been a failure I need to get my act together and work out another for the Royal Show as the entries need to be delivered this Sunday. The oven is also not holding the right temperature and I'll have to pop out tomorrow and get a new oven thermometer. A bit scary when there are sponges to be baked. Royal Show baking is nerve-wracking.
I hope the rest of this week isn't dogged by any more hiccups like today's.

1 comment:

  1. Cooking update please ma'am!
    Can't wait to see your things on show (Best in Show???) at the Show.


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