Saturday, 29 September 2012

fine feathered friends

I am really enjoying not having a splitting migraine. My brain maybe a bit fried but at least I don't feel like my skull is exploding.
Sadly it is Grand Final day today which means a rather slow dreary 6 hours in the shop, hopefully we will get some footy widows in. Actually it's not too bad in the shop when it's quiet if you know the reason why there is no-one about, you don't feel quite so unloved. Being the GF also means we will hear the drone of helicopters all day too.
We've had our first bird arrivals this week. You can tell when Xmas is on its way, the birds appear. We've got curly tailed birds and their more demure but slightly cheekier mates. Dell and I had great fun clipping them all over the outside of a birdcage on Thursday afternoon, we get a bit silly at times and I think we may have scared off a customer as we both had a bird clipped to the top of our head.
I've also managed to get those pesky hems handsewn on the Stella skirts and I'll pop them into the shop today. I also need to get the four hanks of handspun I did last week measured and they will go in today too, the weather is nippy enough to make you stay in with a good cuppa tea and a bit of knitting! Whilst every other shop is piling their Summer stock in I actually spent a bit of yesterday making 'hottie' wheatbags as we were almost out of them, we sold a ridiculous number of wheaties and hottie bottles a week or so ago. Summer is close but we still have icy blasts coming in and we tend to feel them more after a few balmy days.
Other shop news this week is the departure of Anna. We are very sad to see her go but it's not like we'll never see her again.... she's going off to Craft to work in the shop and to concentrate on finishing her Masters. You might remember Yem from yonks ago, she is coming back for a little while to help fill in until we sort something out.  We only get Yem in to work when she is pregnant (haha) so please be gentle with her.
Also if you are thinking of getting a satchel...... don't dilly dally!
OK, I better go get ready. Vacuuming to be done. Stock to go out. Cat to wrangle.

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