Thursday, 27 September 2012


I wrote a post yesterday morning all about heading off to the Show blah blah blah but it wouldn't load and then I raced out the door, somehow it didn't save/load/publish and it is now lost to the wilds of internet heaven. When I got back yesterday I ended up with a splitting headache that has been brewing on and off for the last week and discovered that I actually had no internet access and that there was a pile of unsent emails (now also lost). I had to sit on the phone, half of head split open and oozing brain (not literally, that's just how it felt), waiting for TPG to repair the connection. It was mercifully quick this time.
So now the Headache from Hell is still lingering and I have lost all those words of glory and wisdom I wrote yesterday. I do faintly remember the bit about the Show not giving me any awards but I have a ribbon that proves otherwise (see above) and that Tuesday was a bit of a slow day in the studio but I did manage to start work on the new larger digital print 'tapestry' cushions- lush!

Whilst I was at the Show working out what we had done wrong the latest shipment of satchels arrived. It's really nice to have the brights back in, I hadn't realised how much I missed them. I've made a list of what we have in stock now over on our Facebook page. It's not our extra big shipment which has been delayed until October sometime but we have at least got some stock we were desperate for. 
The headache is creeping back.

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