Friday, 7 September 2012

op shopper's regret

Two days and two nights at home and I am getting less 'zingy', easing back into the real world.
And I regretting not buying that chair at a Devonport op shop, op shop buyer's regret. I just couldn't be bothered re-packing the car and I think by that stage I was just ready to get on the boat and get sailing. Sometimes the thrifting brain just can't be bothered thinking the logistics through.

I've been thinking for a while that I should start a project based on all the things that I wouldn't adopt from the op shop. Those funny but ultimately repulsive treasures you discover tucked somewhere in amongst the Tupperware and cracked crockery. The two toilet paper dolls above were in that same oppy a year ago, I think it unlikely their Prince Charming is going to come collect them soon.... The bear with the Coca Cola bottle is actually an antique shop resident, he has a nasty case on mange and appears whacked out on a less legal form of coke. Some collector will one day stumble on him but he really is the stuff of nightmares.

I know fluoro yellow is in but I am not sure about the yellow lipstick with her skin tone. She really is fashion forward (how I hate that term) with her pink bracelet.

And this little chap is quite sad, I kind of wished I'd adopted him, even if that branch is just a bit weird.

It's Friday. It's windy and cold and we have things to keep you warm in the shop. The Spring warmth may have tried to fool you Winter is over but there will still be nippy times ahead.
I'm tired and still have a mountain of emails and letters to write today. I've an appointment in an hour and errands to run and a plan of attack for all that studio work to devise.
And I still have preparations to make on my Royal Show entries.s
Joy oh joy.

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  1. oh know that regret so well... still I don't learn though!


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