Thursday, 12 January 2012

waiting for norden

The extent of creativity here at the moment has been hanging tapestries and waiting for the delivery truck from Ikea to arrive ('any time between 7am and 1pm, they'll text you half an hour before' and I am really hoping it is before 11am......). Yes, I have made a decision. I've gone with the Norden, all 48kgs of it, I'm planning to lug it upstairs piece by piece.
The wall has been patched and re-patched and painted, inspected by the Fur Controller and I've pulled out all my special framed tapestries that for one reason or another just haven't made it onto the wall yet. I'm trying out a new arrangement which hopefully I'll get to photograph once I have found the blasted camera battery recharger unit (still AWOL).
Weird dreams again last night. I was in the French class when I was meant to be studying German and then I was offered a French/Japanese scholarship. Must have something to do with the pot sticker dumplings I made and ate at 9.30 last night.
I'm off to clean all the crap off the stairs. Jethro had one of his spak attacks this morning (run across the bed, leap off the bed, run along the landing, pelt down the stairs, race into the shop, over the top of the counter, turn around, run back upstairs, across human in bed, turn, repeat) and managed to send a box skidding all the way to the bottom spewing stuff everywhere. That put an end to his hi-jinks.

Norden's in the house, in the house, in the house.
Of course the box is far more interesting than the contents.

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  1. yay ~ go Norden..although I thought for a tiny moment there that "Norden" maybe a sibling for Jethro..I was filled with foreboding, this would not go well... phew. Instead Norden turns out to be one of those at home IQ/Spatial awareness tests from Ikea, that was close :D

    Sarah xXx


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