Saturday, 14 January 2012

lost and found

My morning is in disarray, hopefully I will be able to catch up on lost time!
I just caught myself taking a deep breath and willing myself to slow down before my head explodes.
( I hate it when people say 'breathe', if I wasn't breathing in the first place I'd be what is technically called 'dead'. Those self help mantra posters and plaques make me want to do something violent and destructive.)
OK the morning rant is over and I have a cup of tea so all is right with the world.
By the way I found my camera battery charger last night. Yep, it was in the bottom of a basket I have checked in 3 times already. Don't ask. Ridiculous. I swear it reappeared because I had rung to enquire the price and availability of a new one. Normally it would only have been discovered after the new one had been bought and the package opened and all the bags and tags ripped off and open voiding all return policies. Apparently I should be thanking St Anthony of Padua for the Miraculous Reappearance of the Canon Recharger.
So it's Saturday again. Where has this week disappeared to? Perhaps another job for St A of P. Down the back of the couch cushions? Probably in a basket or box I have looked in half a dozen times. Actually he needn't find the lost week, I'd much prefer he goes to work getting my internet speed sorted. Throttled indeed.
I did manage to get a few hours in the studio yesterday in between stomping from and to the brake repair place, car now has lovely new brake shoes, and managed a spot of cleaning, some fabric lugging and some cutting and sewing. The only thing finished and ready to go into the shop by 5pm yesterday was a single 'hottie' wheat bag but there is piles of lavender sachets and eye bags ready to go on Monday.
This time every year I promise myself a new top for my cutting table, this year it must happen. I think in  the past I have just got overwhelmed and annoyed but now I have a roof rack on the car and I will make it happen. Then I can get Graeme the Garbo in to get rid of all the big rubbish in the studio (the old cutting table tops, that 3 metre long piece of wood that someone left on top of the storage room, the broken table and the scavenged yellow office chair that has a strange lean to it). I'm not feeling so depressed being in the studio and I am hoping it stays that way!
Better dash. I've a shop to open.

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  1. "St Anthony full of grace lead me to its hiding place" - my mantra as a notoriously forgetful child


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