Friday, 27 January 2012

dogs of unusual size

Thursday felt like Sunday. Sitting in a backyard, eating good food, enjoying the breeze and the chat and not actually 'celebrating' Oystralya Dai. I'm scared of the flag waving, the cars with flags attached, the face painting, the jingoism, the xenophobia. But it's nice taking a day off to hang with friends. Now this morning I am all over the place- is it Friday, Monday or another Sunday? I"m sure there will be a high rate of absenteeism today. I'm tempted to retire back to bed.
The throttling (of the internet) has stopped and joy oh joy it's like the first time you log on to high speed ADSL after years of dial-up! Amazing! Stupid! Ridiculous! I'm getting to see images in quick time rather than giving up and walking away, some of them are exciting but most of them are ho-hum and I have to laugh at myself for getting such internet withdrawals. I was amusing myself by imagining photos from peoples blog/website descriptions, imagination is a lot better sometimes!
I wish I had been able to take a better photo of the dog painting above. It might take you awhile to work out the scale of the thing. If those couch cushions are close to the camera and are 'x' in size then that would make the the painting...... put simply if I was standing next to the painting it might top me my an inch or so and I am 6'1" in my bare feet (if I haven't shrunk which is possible). Those dogs are freakin' huge. It would be hilarious to have it in a really small room- or even a middling sized room or a hugely palatial room.
So no more excuses, I better get off to the studio, do some work, make a living.
And it's Saturday again tomorrow! Perhaps it's this getting older lark, I seem to be losing days and weeks like sand through my fingers!

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