Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I had grand plans to post yesterday that the shop was open again after the Xmas break, somehow it just didn't happen- so better late than never, the shop is open again! 
I managed to finish the screen door re-vamp, Jethro has climbed it, he's found it a little saggy on the right side but he hasn't managed to tear it yet so thumbs up. I patch painted marks on the walls, moved stuff around, packed stuff away, removed all signs of glitter and tinsel and hi-de-ho off we go again for another year!
I think the heat was drained me completely, instead of feeling rested I am feeling completely exhausted. I always seem to take forever to wind down and by the time I should be ramping up again I am lethargic and energy-less. A bit like my internet access at the moment. I managed to download something at the very start of my billing time and now I have to put up with page downloads so slow I am nostalgic for the dial-up days. I'm resorting to my iPhone to read blogs! 
Well I better mosey off and see what Jethro is up to. I have a bundle of packages to pick up from the post office I see so that should be exciting. At least the heat has abated even if the humidity has skyrocketed. The Cottage does seem to be a woolly place even in the midst of Summer with the Welsh blanket cushions and the blanket quilts but we still have sandals and  Frida dresses, both of which we had a run on yesterday! 
Perhaps I need to sit on the couch today and meditate on what I need to do once I get back into the sweat shop studio.

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