Thursday, 12 January 2012

side bored

I have to say Norden was quite nice to put together. I didn't have one moment of Ikea-angst during the whole build. He was an absolute pleasure. This picture was taken earlier in the day, he's now decorated with some cookatoos, a pile of tins, a collection of Johnston Ware Jamboree plates, a long compartmented wire basket and the start of a regiment of storage boxes. Nothing has gone into the drawers yet. There is still a mountain of sorting and cleaning to be done but getting a new piece of furniture always makes it a bit more focused.
So far the camera charger hasn't appeared so I am hoping that it will magically materialise just as I clean off the top of the table and the light come streaming through the north facing window so that I can get a lovely shot to replace the one that Lucy took that seems to pop up all over the interweb.
I'm taking the car off first thing in the morning to get new shoes, brake shoes that is, so I will be back on the road again soon. I'm feeling the need for a country jaunt. Tomorrow though I'll spend the day up in the studio (hopefully) and start thinking about making stuff. I suppose I have to do it sometime soon, I'm starting to feel a bit weird just hanging around home and the shop and I'm sure the girls will be glad to see the back of me!
In shop news we've just got a new shipment of the Tasmanian CWA 21st Anniversary Cookbook and the CWA Classics Cookbook. I'm itching to try a few more of the cake and slice recipes! Right now though I need to get a batch of sourdough ready for a long slow rise.


  1. Ooooo looks gorgeous Pene! Serious house envy over here....x

  2. I've never noticed Norden before, but you've dressed him up so nicely that I might put him on my wish list.


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