Sunday, 1 January 2012

queasy weasy

I moved very slow today. Don't really know why, yes it was hot but not overly hot inside even though I forgot to shut the windows and keep the heat out. I tend to keep the windows open to let any breeze to creep through. Tomorrow though I think I should shut the house down.
I managed to get a bit more of the shop done but I started to feel queasy and lethargic and just had to crawl upstairs. I really have shut down. I need to get it all finished tomorrow or we won't be able to open on Tuesday! One more coat of paint is needed on the bottom of the screen door and it is sorted. The greasy face and hand prints on the shop's glass door had me mightily amused this morning.
One of the Gertrude Street Irregulars took a dislike to the doilies on the magnolia tree this morning and ripped every bit off. I didn't realise what was going on until I saw him shake the tree at the end. He even cleaned up all the lace and got rid of it. Whilst part of me was angry and annoyed the other part was quite thankful that he had done the messy part and now Miss Magnolia is ready for me to apply her new dress. Lets hope psych services is back up and running after the Xmas break and he doesn't take offence when I apply the next batch of doilies!
Jethro has spent the day lying in the sun(!) or on the concrete floor downstairs. Why he feels the need to sunbake wearing his huge fur coat is beyond me! It's going to be a shock to his system when we re-open. We both enjoyed puddling about on the wet deck after I gave the plants all a good bucketing after dark this evening. I've just taken a Sri Lankan curry off the stove, ready for a good sweaty meal tomorrow.

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