Monday, 9 January 2012


My internet connection is driving me completely and utterly bonkers. It is so slow and then pages won't load and picture scroll down about a centimetre and then stop. In this particular case I am not a patient person. Perhaps it's payback for teasing Jen for the last couple of years for being on dial-up!
I loved lying in bed yesterday listening to the rain. I ventured out sleepily to get the papers and then hopped back in bed with tea and toast and at some stage in the afternoon both Jethro and I had the biggest nap. I really enjoyed it. I'm reading Neal Stephenson's new novel 'Reamde' and as it weighs in at 1042 pages I have to sit up slightly and balance it on my chest. It's a cracking read, full of online computer games, hackers, terrorists, Russian mafia and mercenaries, lots of guns and three intriguing female characters.
I haven't managed to make a plan to get into the studio yet. I'm enjoying drifting about a bit. I have things to do here at the shop/home but I'm not really getting very far with any of it. Last January I felt very depressed and exhausted so this year I am trying to easy myself into the year a little slower. This is the problem with self-employment, the need to get work done and the necessity of having a rest. I'm aiming more for the latter at the moment. I do need to spend a day scouring the house for stashes of tea towels, vintage fabric and Welsh blankets that got shoved away in the lead up to Xmas.

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  1. Happy Happy New Year Pen and Jethro!
    Glad to hear you are reading such a hefty tome, need I invest?
    Over here we call it "throttling" when the tinternet connection is achingly slow - the providers seem to be doing it for their own sport - swine!
    Here's to much cottage industriousness in 2012,

    Love Sarah -x-

    We have justt had a marvelous 3 part adaptation of Great Expectations on the Beeb, look out for it, as it was cracking. Gillian Anderson as a haunting Miss Haversham...


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