Saturday, 21 January 2012

carni folk

Have a close look at that jacket- 3D flowers!

Traditionally the last Friday before Oystralya Dai is marked in the diary (if I had one) as Fryerstown Friday. We jump in the car and head off to attend the Fryerstown Antique Market. It is always hot, plain hot or extreme hot, and very dusty, this year was mainly pleasantly hot, sweaty but not stifling and everyone seemed in a much more relaxed mood than past markets, I put it down to the breeze.
It is always interesting to notice trends and how what is popular one year is gone the next. I like seeing the same stall holders in the same spots. The op shopping compadre and I like to joke about them being 'carni folk'-and in some cases it is a little too accurate- it keeps us amused.

On the way back we stopped at the plum tree that we scored big with last year. We were sure there was none on it until on closer inspection we found the boughs ladened with fruit, hiding under the plum coloured leaves were tons of dusty plum coloured plums. This year they were strangely much sweeter than last, the flesh firm and the skins nicely crisp and pop when you bite into them. Plum and vanilla jelly anyone?
We did also detour up to Bendigo just so I could get a new enamel kettle from the disposal store as mine died this week, a nasty case of Rusty Bottom. I may also have added a small amount of enamel to the collect, just a few pieces I picked up at Fryerstown, couldn't help myself. There were some lovely enamelled spoons and ladles I might regret not getting at some stage. Dear LibraryGirl, I controlled myself, slightly (you've been making me feel guilty for all my hoarding).

I feel into bed at 10pm last night, thoroughly exhausted. 
Saturday again. 
How did that happen?
Better dash. 
I'll be the one plying yarn and spinning wool if you come into the shop today.


  1. oh no no no don't feel guilty - I don't judge anyone else for their collecting, only myself. In fact I'm like the evil person who forces cream cakes on dieters at dinner parties - I'm not partaking but I love to see everyone else doing it!
    And enable them.

    Fryerstown does look hot and dusty...

  2. rusty bottom... I think I might have had that once ha ha ha
    those plums look delicious.
    glad you had a good fryerstown.

  3. i was at Fryers town on friday...

  4. And I didn't go to Fryerstown at all cos I FORGOT all about it. Bugger.
    Next year.
    ANd then come back to Newstead fo Oz Day w/e cos there is a lovely lovely music festival (Newstead Live - check it out on googley bits).
    Jasmine - in Newstead


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