Tuesday, 10 January 2012


They say that dreams are the 'clearing house of the mind', I say 'gee thanks for those nightmares last night'. As I have said I am a bit paranoid about one of the GSIs (Gertrude Street Irregulars) ripping the new doilies off the tree after hearing one of them say on Saturday that 'it's strangling the tree'. Well founded paranoia it seems as someone did manage to damage a foot long piece yesterday morning, easily fixed, all well. Last night though I had a strange and annoying dream that I ran downstairs after hearing noises out the front to find a group of GSIs sitting under the tree. I opened the door and asked them to be careful, shut the door and went back upstairs. A minute later I realised I needed something from the shop and went back downstairs to find two of them stuffing tea towel cushions into Coles supermarket green bags and Ikea big blue bags. Politely I asked them to leave and they do, taking all their friends with them. Back to dream-bed I headed and just as I fell off to dream-sleep a massive bang sounds from downstairs and I race down to find the whole of the shopfront blown-out and stock strewn across the street. I woke up thinking 'well that was fun- not', I'm thinking it was a crazed mix up of my doily-fears and the shop that exploded on Lygon Street last week.
So enough of my dream diary.
I have a further problem to bore you with, my shelving plans have gone seriously awry. I started work yesterday for the installation drawing nice level vertical and horizontal lines and I marked the position of the drill holes. Out came the drill and the first hole went in. Straight into a good 3" of sand plaster, no hidden brick work, no wooden lathes to bite into, nothing but crumbly honeycomby sand plaster in every single hole. Sometimes I long for a home built with stud walls and plaster sheet!
The whole plan has come to a grinding halt. There will be no shelves attached to this wall, ever, never, no way. So now I need to patch and paint and make a decision about how I am going to deal with my storage issues. Sadly I have had to go to the Ikea website and look at furniture I have been trying to avoid. I'm stumped. I need something practical and unfussy. I'm down to two possibilities- the PS cabinet (a bit lower than I would like for that wall but has doors to hide things behind) or the Norden occasional (a long table with drawers and shelves, higher but everything on show). Hmmmm. Norden is currently winning. Damn you Ikea for being ubiquitous but functional!

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