Wednesday, 18 January 2012

all the fun of the fair

Apologies for the weird nerdiness of yesterday, just blame it on serious lack of sleep. I'm slowly knitting that ravelled sleeve and feeling a little more together. Maybe the hot nights are at fault too, although I don't really notice it when we have dry heat, which we have been having, rather than any humidity. With dry heat I just end up thinking 'oh was that 35℃? I didn't notice' whereas 35℃ and humid I am lethargically moaning and complaining. Anyway enough with the weather report.
I totally missed posting Sunday's 'humblebrag' which featured Cottage stuff and lovely things from l'Uccello, it's not a big one just a pretty circus themed styling with bunting etc. The flag cushion on the chair has gone but we have two others still here, same-same-but-different. And of course we always have a bundle of bunting hanging about!
I've been hanging about the studio but not feeling very productive, tripping over things and confused as to what to do first. Yesterday I managed to forget things to take things I needed to in order to finish some work and then got called back to the shop so not much achieved. This morning I have piles of emails to answer (stupid email account couldn't be accessed last night- again) and I have to pop into the city to get my replacement glasses.
Oh well, I better get those emails written.


  1. you are SO not a humblebragger!
    My radar for humblebraggers is very finely tuned and I could name names and you aren't one of them.
    I have been sleeping ok too but this could change in the blink of an eye...

  2. Liking the circus themed loveliness A LOT! Am craving a little heat as it is blowing a hooley here!


  3. Hi Miss Pen Pen, was going to call to say sooo chuffed to be mentioned alongside your fabulous self. Happy New Year P hope it is a brilliant one for you X K


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