Saturday, 7 January 2012

bad art, things go missing and a plan

I ventured out yesterday. A little unproductive op shopping on the outer northern fringes. Vinnies Epping seems to be the home of some seriously bad art that I was almost tempted to buy. It was also the home of a seriously funky bad smell and escape was necessary (this sentence contains the only use of the word 'funky' I will permit, as in bad, wrong, off). It also has some quite good furniture, Edwardian/1920-30s that I am guessing all came from the same house, an oak table, a couple of dressing tables but slightly on the expensive side, I can imagine anyone out that way even looking twice at it all.
Anyway I am in denial as it is once again Saturday and my allocated shopgirl day. Even though I have been loitering in the shop all week it has come as a shock to the system. I so didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Last Saturday I was happy to get up early as I knew I could slip back under the sheets and eat breakfast and slurp tea in bed. Not this week!
I seem to have lost the recharger for my camera batteries, my broadband speed, a single Birkenstock sandal and any desire to be motivated. I am hoping that I didn't leave the recharger in Tasmania, that I can find patience waiting for pages to load, the sandal hasn't accidentally been thrown out and that if I clean my bedroom I will find both the Birkenstock and the motivation have been sucked into a dust bunny but with a careful bit of  vacuuming they can be returned to working order. That's the plan anyway.

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