Saturday, 28 January 2012

hopsack happy

Vintage floral linens make me happy. Yesterday I started cutting and sewing new batches of cushions. I couldn't work on the damn Swiss cotton dresses because I ran out of cream thread and needed to get buttons (which I discovered last night I had already bought) and I couldn't finish the skirts because I had no 20cm invisible zips, my haberdashery wholesaler was off on a long weekend so cushions it was. One of the cushions might actually need to stay with me, it's a rare bit of floral with a beautiful dark grey background. I don't want to let it go. I rarely keep much that I make, not because I don't like it but sometimes when you work and collect and spend your days surrounded by it it just becomes a bit overwhelming. There are things that I have regretted parting with but I take great joy in other people's delight in them.
So I worked my way through a pile of linen fabrics, smiled lovingly at a beautiful golden tinged linen hopsack and stitched up some manky green floral. Joy oh joy! Then I started on the Welsh blankets, a riot of pattern and colour. Most of the linens have made it into the shop but only a couple of the Welshies as I still haven't ordered new cushion inserts. Next week's job, well, one of next week's jobs.
I need to re-do the shop window. It's still basically the Xmas window de-tinselfied. Perhaps it will have to have a floral theme.
I'll say it again..... how the hell is it Saturday again?? This week seemed to run down the drain and 'poof!' it was gone. I know there is no way to stop it but I'm finding it annoying. I mark the weeks out in what I have/haven't achieved and perhaps this is not a good yardstick. I am longing for Autumn though, the Cottage is just that bit more cold-friendly I feel, gloves and hats and woolly things. I've quite enjoyed the dry heat over the last week but I see the humidity is on the rise and thunderstorms are forecast again, which means I will get all lethargic and sweaty. Pretty huh?
Time to get ready for the 11am shop opening.

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  1. Longing for Autumn here too - I'm starting to freak about the lack of rain in January and the garden is struggling a bit.


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