Thursday, 12 May 2011

winter warmers giveaway!

I am twelve shades of embarrassed and chuffed, Lovely Lucy over at the D-Files is just the nicest person out.
She says the sweetest things about me and then gives you lot out in virtual world the chance to win the best prizes. This week has been 'Winter Warmers' (and haven't we needed them, 12ÂșC yesterday) and after having work appear for the last three days on Lizzie's guest blog section the Cottage is mentioned again! Like I said embarrassed.
Lucy has organised an 8 prizes for 8 readers giveaway. Go leave a comment and win!
If you don't win you can still visit all the lovely people and shops who have donated.

Yes those are my feet under the quilt.

The Cottage's (heart-skips-a-beat-when-see-them) Welsh blanket cushions and the giveaway hottie made from Australian grown and woven Alpaca. Alpaca can sometimes be prickly but this fabric is sooooo soft and cuddly.
All photos nicked from the D-Files because Luce takes the best photos.


  1. Oh it was only last night I was burning my feet on my hot water bottle, too cold, too hot, too cold... ouch!

  2. O wow that hot water bottle cover si so lovely!

  3. I'm with Ramona, once this bun's out of the oven I can see an Alpace may be purchased to replace the internal heater!!!

  4. It is because your work is so divine! You are such a crafty wonder woman. Paula

  5. AWWW SHUCKS now I'M embarrassed!

    Now listen Pene I can't help it if you're so freaking clever I need to keep mentioning you all the time. Stop it already. Go and become an accountant or something else un-bloggable. xxx

  6. I love this blanket more than anything! I ride past your shop each evening and MY heart skips a beat when I see that particularly bright and colourful blanket....I am counting the days til payday so I can invest my pennies in one (hopefully that very blanket!) x caity


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