Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Here's our new windows.
Now the whole front needs to be repainted.
And I talked to our sign writer today.
It's so bright inside.
No hiding behind the door anymore.

Curious incident when we packing up tonight. The door was closed and two women stopped outside the window. One said to the other "everything in this shop is just ugly, I just don't know how they can keep trading'.
Apart from the fact that people think that glass makes a decent sound barrier (always amusing) I'm not sure just where this comment came from, whether they were serious or being humorous...... very perplexing.


  1. hmmm. not exactly what one want's to hear when newly "unveiled"!

    Don't you worry - I drove up from Fish Creek yesterday and drove past your shop with utter curiosity as to what you were up to. Will call in next time I'm on Gertrude.

    And FYI - I reckon everything in your shop is charming and lovely - far from ugly.

    xx Amy

  2. clearly she could see her and her friends own reflections in the sparkly new glass and was passing comment on how hideous they were...

  3. Well how rude! I guess some people like mass market wares- that's their bad taste

    I wish I lived near, however it's probably a good thing as I would be broke. I love looking at your blog pictures and seriously *heart* your wares.

  4. oh no!! Everything I can see, and do see whenever I'm over Gertrude St way is ♥♥LOVEABLE♥♥
    ..and is that a yarn bomb I spy on a tree branch? wonderful!!

  5. I guess they got lost on their way to Ikea,Pen.

  6. I'm sure they were being sarcastic...I have not had the opportunity to visit your shop but I know I would love every single thing in it. I wouldn't lose any sleep over their comments Pen...I think you are a creative superstar!!!

    p.s. just wish you would open a little online cottage industry...

  7. The shop looks lovely, lots of potential for lovely displays. Ah well just goes to show that not everyone in this world has good taste! It's the reason why there are still people walking around wearing sandals with socks...


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