Sunday, 15 May 2011

to bedlam and back

Another Sunday, another walk into the city. No rain this time but the fountains have been turned on.
Last week the walk was to get a new pair of jeans and this week a new camera, both very extravagant but also very necessary. I also picked up a copy of Uppercase #9, it is a lovely food focused edition and best of all is 6 pages of glorious Dawn Tan-ness. It fabulous! I picked up two photos I bought from Dawn that have been sitting at the framers for months this week- now I need to find somewhere to put them!
I feel like the last week has been pure bedlam, my head is still spinning. I've a lot to do this coming week, re-stocking, wholesaling, making winter clothing, it never ends. I had a moment of annoyance the other week when I realised I'd missed the deadline for Markit but I think deep down that would have been an added stress/deadline I could really do without. I have a little shop with lots of commitments and Sunday is my one day of semi-leisure so I think I may have sub-conciously made a decision before I was even aware of it.

Now I must try and remember everything I need to do tomorrow morning.

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  1. Great photo... I thought the jets were jellyfish!


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