Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Zuirr clunk click zuirr clunk click zuirr clunk click zuirr..........

It's knitting time again.

I spent this morning sorting out the Knitting Division of PenCorp. Vacuuming, dusting, dragging machines about. A nice little pile of mini-mufflers is building up and I must remember my glasses tomorrow so I can link them off (it's a close-up job and eye strain is a pain). Then I'll get started on the standard scarf and maybe have a bit of a play and tinker on some new bits and pieces. The scarves have been flying out the door and the hat stand has been ransacked. Hopefully we'll have new ones out in the next few days.
The weather is perfect for the wearing of scarves at the moment and I need to get more beanies and dye more gloves. And the winter clothing stock....... I have the most beautiful wools sitting there and patterns half graded and a lack of time to stretch over everything I need to do. So until I get my act together you might have to stay in with a hot water bottle, a pair of gloves and some angora over-the-knee socks.....

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  1. I do love a muffler - there is something very little dorrit about them. you are just the busiest bee!


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