Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Absolute Antarctic blast here today. I didn't check the temperature in the studio, it was a bare 16ºC yesterday, as I thought it would make me feel even colder if I knew what it was today. I was wearing a beanie and had a drippy nose from the cold, I am holding off firing the heaters up at the studio but this Winter has come before I am prepared!
I've finished a batch of 'Emmy Lou' smocks today, a variation on the denim 'Harvest' smock and had plans to make some leather belts tonight to go with them but I am spinning wool in front of the heater and thinking of an early night with my book and a wheat bag snuggled into bed. I think Jethro and I may have to increase the Welsh blanketage on the bed, I do love sleeping under blankets, I sleep deeply and well.
I love Winter, I'm half hibernating and half feeling enervated from the cold.



  1. oh Pen I need a Welsh Blanket too tonight, cold out here in the Eastern Subs.. will have to make do with my doona and one crochet blanket.

  2. I love seeing those Welsh blankets -- they are so beautiful. I must confess though, since I moved from Melbourne to Switzerland I find myself wondering why on earth I used to complain about the so-called winters back home. It's not unusual to have a summer's day only reach 12 degrees here. Everything's relative I guess...


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