Monday, 23 May 2011

trollop, slattern, lazy cow

The Autumn colour has been stunning this year. I've been enjoying it immensely. They say it's the rain and the sugars in the leaves after so many years of drought. When I see a tree all aflame in colour I feel that the tree must be singing in joy, I can see it but I just can't hear it. And the berries have been amazing too, full and vibrant red, you almost wish you could eat them.
Once again I am trying to decide which job to do today. I'm waiting on a order of calico to arrive so I can get the patched blankets off to the quilters. The plan had been to get it delivered first thing this morning before the building owner and real estate agent come through to view new windows but as the calico didn't arrive on Friday I am hoping it will appear this morning. I hate waiting for deliveries, you never quite know when they will arrive and of course they never come when you urgently need them. Sod's Law. Of course the calico and the real estate people will arrive at the same time. Ha ha ha.
I had better remove the vacuum from the stair landing and shove my undies in a drawer. It's always weird having strangers tromping through one's home. You suddenly see what a messy trollop you are (or perhaps 'slattern' is a more appropriate term, as in 'slovenly' not 'morally loose')- well maybe not you but certainly me! I blame it on a lack of storage and a lack of inclination- too many other things to do!

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