Monday, 30 May 2011

kiss me quick

I found this fellow in the tree down the road the other morning. Strangely very large soft toys often appear on Gertrude Street. My favourite was a very large dirty cream teddy leaning drunkenly against a tree looking like he was vomiting in the gutter one Saturday morning. Big night on the turps by the look of it.
It's Monday again.
I was up early to let the painter in to finish touching up the inside of the new windows. I've spooned in my porridge and am on my second bucket of tea but am feeling like I would love to go back to bed. Now the fog has lifted (outside not in my head) it is a shockingly bright Autumn morning.
I need to spend today dyeing gloves and sorting out wholesale orders. Answering and sending emails too. I've managed to pull everything out from under the shop counter too so I better get that sorted before Dell arrives. And there is a big box of herbs and spices sitting in the middle of the shop floor that I need to find a home for. It's funny how all those little sorting chores just pile up.

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  1. Ooh a shockingly bright Autumn Morning sounds uncalled for especially as it's Monday. Those herbs and spices sound interesting, scratch and sniff tea towels anyone? Have a good week Pen,

    Sarah xXx


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