Saturday, 14 May 2011

truly glovely

(Welcome back Blogger. Except for the fact you lost all the lovely comments from my last post. Damn you!)

It's been a busy couple of days here at the Cottage. The cold, the rain and (most of all) the D-files have all managed to combine for a busy Thursday and Friday, lots of emails, phone calls and new faces.
I was so overwhelmed with all the work I needed to do I couldn't decide where to start, Dell sat me down and said 'gloves'. She was right of course! I spent yesterday out the back whilst she served out the front  and as I finished dyeing, washing, drying, clipping and pressing, Dell tagged and boxed and displayed.
Over the last few days we have had lots of enquiries about what colours we have in the gloves...... it reduces us to giggles.... you see at the moment we have gone over 30 colours (not in all lengths admittedly) and I was dyeing new colours yesterday too. And it is only May!
Jethro is even getting in on the whole glove thing. Ever since he was a kitten he has 'stolen' the offcuts from the glove seconds we use to make the toy owls. He runs around with them in his mouth and leaves them as presents, he's even been known to play fetch with them. We find them everywhere and Dell has remarked about the six she found in the shop one morning, he'd collected them from upstairs and brought them all downstairs between the time I left for the studio and when Dell arrived to open up. I have gone out on occasion and come home to a pile of them in the middle of the floor near the door as if they were votive offerings to make me come home- or stay away, I'm not sure. I woke up yesterday morning to find three and a feather kitten tickler on the bed, this morning it was 4 glove offcuts and a dust bunny from under the bed. He scours the house during the night and collects them and he has managed to break into the bag of offcuts, he only steals one or two at a time, he really is a cat of simple pleasures. I view his enjoyment of them as a stamp of glovely goodness.

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