Sunday, 8 May 2011

rainy days and sundays

You know Autumn is here when the new Sookie arrives in-store. I spent last night and this morning in bed devouring the latest instalment, perfect reading for a rainy morning, hanging out in sweaty Bon Temps, Louisiana.
Once finished I lay in bed and balanced up the day's possible activities. I plumped for a walk into the city to pick up some more mugs, I've managed to break two in a week  at home and all the ones at the studio are dangerously chipped. I didn't quite estimate how heavy it was raining and ended up drenched by the time I got to Parliament Garden. No point turning around though.
Back home for tea and newspapers and a new book, dry clothes and tucked back in bed. Let's say one thing led to another and I was down for an afternoon nap. It's so long since I've managed to squeeze in one of those.... so very nice, so very deserved.
I still have emails to answer, I haven't sorted the shop out but I've managed to burn a pot of Dutch cream potatoes, the washing is on, a tiny bit of vacuuming has happened but I really need a three day weekend again.

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  1. A rainy morning is the perfect excuse to watch True Blood. I'm a big fan too :)
    I like your picky, it's lovely.


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