Wednesday, 18 May 2011

grotto, grotty, grottest

The house smells of wet wool blankets.
I spent today dumpster diving for tea towels and blankets and avoiding doing any studio work. Tomorrow will be a very different story. There is much to be done. The week may as well be over or perhaps it is just Wednesdayitis that makes me feel overwhelmed once again.
In my travels today I spied this attractive 3D shell framed last supper. I thought that I should get it for Beck's new bub's nursery but then I realised she might have to redecorate to do it justice. Perhaps a religious grotto themed nursery will be a new trend. I do love that one person's craft is another person's amusement.
I also received another email about the scone promotion today. I suggested the writer check what I had written and I am wondering whether they have had any people take up their offer or whether the craft blogging community has seen the irony of it.
Perhaps that's not the Last Supper in the picture but actually a Scone Tasting Craft Party.


  1. I do love a bit of shell art myself........and your quote. In some cases, One persons craft is another persons bemusement, is in order.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... Plonk
    (that would be me falling of chair laughing...)


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