Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Last night Jethro and I said goodbye to the old lattice windows.

Then the boys arrived at 7am. The hoarding went up, pedestrians had to walk on the road (there was even two foot traffic controllers who spent the day smoking and gossiping out the front) and the lads started removing each pane of glass.

The lattice was cut out and the door removed. The frame inserted, new door hung and the glass sheets fitted. They had an easier time doing the Cottage window than the other two shops- apparently our holes were squarer than the others.

By 2.30 they were done for today, they'll be back to finish in the morning (7am again) and then I'll take a photo of our sparkly new windows. The whole front of the shop looks so bright and open. Jethro is flummoxed and I am tired from dyeing gloves and cleaning glass.


  1. Gulp, goodbye lovely lattice x

    Looking forward to seeing the new "Ta Da....."

    Hope it hasn't all been too much of an upheaval or too much of a "hairdo" as we say round these parts!


  2. Jethro looks adorable on the ladder.


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