Saturday, 28 May 2011

blink blink where am I?

I woke up out of a dream this morning, one of those dreams where reality impinges on the Sleepworld. In the dream I was trying to get the shop open on a Saturday morning but people kept dropping in and I couldn't find anything to wear and I was putting clothes on in the wrong order and getting tangled and frustrated and annoyed. Then I came downstairs (in my old house just to confuse matters) and there were police in my kitchen and a bag snatcher trying to steal my bag from the table and as the police encouraged me to bash his head against the wall (really must stop watching police procedurals on ABC before going to bed) there sounded some strange klaxon and we all stopped and looked around trying to work out where the alarm was coming from...... Jethro had knocked my phone off the bedside table so there was much fumbling about trying to turn the damn wake-up alarm off and get my befuddled brain working.
So it's Saturday morning and I need to sort out all the booty from the last couple of days op shopping and stock pick up. Jethro has been ferreting in bags and giving everything a good sniff. I have scored some fabulous tapestries and they will be going on the wall upstairs when I get a day to take everything down and re-jig it all. It's going to be a total obstacle course out the back today as I really only have time to lug it all out the back and dump it for later unpacking and sorting. More clutter of course. This is the problem with collecting, the never ending piles of stuff waiting to be transformed into something else.
Putting out some new hanks of handspun yarn (they have been drying while I was away) and we have some stunning new afghan blankets made by Ann and her daughter, part of our country crafting team. I might even get around to taking some photos of some stock in the shop this weekend. Better dash- lots of shop cleaning to do!
Thought you'd enjoy a country bakery pavlova- kiwi fruit AND peppermint crisp!

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  1. Ah sounds like an episode of the Prisoner, were you chased by a large orb by any chance? Good news about the Age article, must see if Pen kept it so I can have read!
    Love the sound of the new tapestries, will we get a look-see?
    Hope you have a brilliant Saturday,

    Sarah x


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