Tuesday, 10 May 2011

beryl bomber

I've had a few Blogger issues in the last 24 hours but now I seem to be able to post again. You don't know how much you miss it 'til it's gone..... I even had to resort to posting on Facebook..... ewww, I feel so dirty.
It is cold, I had to shut the windows in the studio yesterday so Winter must really be its way. I made a big pile of hot water bottle covers yesterday and they are out in the shop (and we still have our lovely hot water bottle shaped wheat bags too, I stole one last night to cuddle up to).
I've put out some of the great ex-army jackets we found a couple of weeks ago. They were made in 1977 and are made in a marle grey wool double knit with a metal zip up the front. They almost remind me of Sharpie jackets and are really cute, kind of short and fitted. The downside is we have them in only one size. It's a SSW which means small but we have tried them on a slew of ladies of various sizes and I like them best tight fitted, apart from the 1970s style they almost look vintage 1940s too.
We've also been included in the Winter Warmers over at The D-Files again today with our handknit beanies. Ours are the ones without the pompoms.
Of to the studio, I am now running late- thanks for that Blogger.


  1. I'm still having blogger troubles, my last post was put up via Flickr and I cannot get in to edit it. Driving me nuts.

  2. Its a conundrum to bobble or not to bobble? I have an array avec and sans bobble to cover all eventualities.I love the beanie in camel, that's my top pic!

    Sorry, I drifted off then..... a blue tit has landed on the window sill and we are shyly eyeing one another up! I know, such an exotic existence tee hee,

    Sarah x


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