Saturday, 21 May 2011


I think I will be glad when this week is over. It's been one of those annoying and nit picking type of weeks. I've managed to get riled up over things and caused people to get riled at me in turn, contagious riling.
Then, on the other hand, I have seen lovely autumn-y things like a crow in a persimmon tree and quilt panels festooning the studio. As I need to assign blame somewhere, I am blaming it on the full moon.

On the shop front we are low on wool scarves (a few still left and I will be cranking up the knitting machine next week) but I managed a huge pile of wheat bags. Who needs the gym when you have to lug 20kgs of wheat around? (Me actually but we won't open that can o' worms right now....) We are also excitedly waiting on a box of wool to arrive from Nikki, we have a sample ball or two in the shop and I have to say it's lovely. There are also knitting needles coming and I have been spending my Shopgirl Saturdays spinning yarn in between serving customers and fluffing tea towel cushions.

Time to vacuum the shop and go all those Saturday morning chores. If you come in I will be the one behind the counter covered in fluff.

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  1. ha ha ha love your miss grumpy pants comments they always crack me up!


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