Tuesday, 10 May 2011

the curious incident of the scone in the inbox

Today was one of those days where I couldn't decide whether I was unproductively productive or productively unproductive. Lots of things taken out and looked at, jobs half done and undone and feeling like there is just way too much that needs my attention at the moment.
The curiosity of the day was an email that came in this afternoon from a public relations company about a certain bakery franchise who are 'releasing' a new scone 'flavour' and are trying to get 'crafty bloggers' to hold tea parties and write about it (and the bakery franchise) on their blogs, they will be supplied with scones and vouchers. Now I never ever participate in these type of things but I find this one so incredibly wrong that I just had to write about it.
There is this massive flaw in the public relation company's thinking.... you see I feel that anyone serious about the whole craft/making thingummy would actually get out their copy of the CWA cookbook (blatant plug) and make their own batch of scones. Scones are made for consumption as soon as possible (although I do like a cold mouth-drying scone with lashings of butter) with the baking smell of flour and milk and butter hanging in the air. It's not something you make from a bag of scone pre-mix, it is not a leaden lumpen square of cake-y bread.
I am really very anti-PR give aways, mainly because I find them so very ill-conceived, I can just imagine them sitting around a conference table selling this promo to the bakery franchise- I'm guessing neither of them are big on the ironic nature of this promo.
Just to make myself feel a little better I baked some brownies. Simple. Yummy. Homemade.


  1. Fastest cake in the world.... one minute it's there and the next it's "scone"



    Couldn't help myself x

  2. We got it too!!!
    Methinks the pr girl googled scones and craft and emailed accordingly
    Of course I'll be scone baking today in spite

  3. Gosh and I thought everyone baked their own scones, nothing better than hot out of the oven.
    Have a great day

  4. Sounds just like my Wednesday!

  5. You rock my world Ms Pen Pen... your politix are so right on. xoxoxo


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