Monday, 11 January 2010

you rip just what you sew*

Yesterday was a drive out of Melbourne for a postponed Xmas lunch with the family. The air-conditioner in the car is kaput and it's not really worth spending the money to get it repaired. It was hot. I finally managed to get a picture of this old house that I have driven by for years and never managed to stop to photograph. As you barrel along the road you can only see it in one direction and I managed to pull over this time. It's had a new roof put on recently but there is something about it I love, the two big windows like eyes looking out on the world.

Today is going to be even hotter and I just couldn't bring myself to go to the studio but perhaps that is also part of the January doldrums. Any excuse will do to do nothing.

I've got the newspaper, a couple of technical books to investigate, fans in every room, cool drinks in the fridge and a total lack of motivation about my life. This should be fun. Ran into a friend whilst out picking up the newspaper and he asked if I had any plans for the year...... oh dear, should I have 'plans'? I've never been able to get my head around '3 year plans', '5 year plans', they always seem like a crock of sh*t. Call them 'as-if-wish-list' and I maybe able to deal with them (yes, even though I don't like lists). There are too many variables in life but maybe that's always been my problem, I like things to meander on, grow organically, take Serendipity by the throat and give her a good shake. Today is for lying in front of the fan and thinking and wishing I had air-con in the studio.

*Listening to Carter Family in the car yesterday singing 'you reap just what you sow'. Just like Sookie's vampires I love a bit of nerdy word play.


  1. Did I mention how much I like your splash-back?

    Still shivering in frozen wasteland of England, but loving it! I should have bought your glorious pink bobble hat! Ah well maybe next time....
    Sarah x

  2. Not long to go until we leave the freezer... See you this Sunday!


  3. RE: plans
    secret strategy = click heels three times
    keep up sleeve
    very effective when used sparingly

    Miss Charlotte

  4. I can feel the heat just looking at these pics. Melt.
    Personally, I'm not into long future plans....I'm way too fickle, and change my tune every week.
    Happy New Year!


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