Friday, 29 January 2010


I've been trying to get work started and finished and anything in between.
Trying to find that well of inspiration and enthusiasm. This January has been a very hard month, struggling to get excited about climbing the mountain that is a new year. Dates and calendars may just be a construct we use to frame our time in this world but jeez Louise they play havoc with one's head- already a twelfth of the year gone.....
Yesterday I made a couple of new Polly pinnies and sampled the Butterfly top we have in store as a kind of tunic/dress, something I've been intending to do for months. I made it in a beautiful Italian shirting poplin, washed it up last night and am wearing it today. I'm wearing my black cover-all apron over the top which was a good move as I managed to splash breakfast all over myself. I really need to get these aprons done too, I wear mine all the time. 

Shopgirl today, although I have such a comfortably full tummy from breakfast at Birdman Eating, that I could crawl back into bed. Tomorrow though I intend to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with my pillows and sleep as long and as much as I want. If someone could slip the Sunday papers under the door it would be much appreciated.

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  1. with pillow slips as lovely as these I don't know how you ever get out of bed.


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