Tuesday, 26 January 2010

lamington day

I'm off to an Oystralya Dai bbq this afternoon. Normally I'd be working in the studio, public holidays are great for getting work done usually , no interruptions, no excuses, but I am trying to be a little more social.
So my 'bring a plate' obligation is lamingtons. It's all about the sponge cake around here at the moment. I don't know why people find sponges so hard (except when the devouring locusts hear that there is leftover ginger fluff in the fridge and arrive just as the first lamington sponge goes in the oven and then regal me with chat and I burn the damn thing.... then sponges are crispy hard).
And I am taking lamb-with- a-handle gentle marinaded in Maggie Beer's vino cotto (which I am totally obsessed with at the moment and worth every cent of it's steep price tag), olive oil, garlic and pepper and salt. Gotta have lamb on Oystralya Dai.
Oh and BundaBeer. Gotta have Bundaberg Ginger Beer.


  1. Pen do you have an infallible sponge cake recipe you can put up on your blog?

  2. Yeah big up Ginger Fluff, Maggie Beer and Lamingtons must be something big occurring Down-Under!
    Happy Day of Ostrayleeea x

  3. Have you tried Maggie's verjuice?

  4. I love Maggie's vino cotto as well, the quince one is delicious, (I occasionally have a little sip of it, she says licking her lips) but as you say it is expensive.


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