Wednesday, 20 January 2010

apologies to mrs smith

Sometimes I feel a little guilty for cutting up someones hand embroidered tablecloth or doily. 
So my apologies to Mrs Vera Constance Iris (or Violet Claudette Irene or Veronique Coco Imogen or.....) Smith. I am sorry for cutting up your lovely tablecloth but I did turn  it into a lovely dress.

I've just jiggled the window display and now the three girls are all wearing Polly pinafores. 
The Pollys have been incredibly popular and there are 5 colour combinations in-store at the moment but be warned there is not every size in every colour/embroidery. Polly 1 is worn over the top of the last vintage French linen chemise and cinched in with an Emerge Queen belt, Polly 2 with a linen Textinoms top and Hester cotton voile skirt and Polly 3 is wearing Daisy pants and glass cloth jacket.

Also on shop news- there is only one glass cloth quilt left! If you have been umming-and-ahhing over one then you better hurry. The next batch will definitely be different as my stash of these types of cloths has been sadly depleted. This quilt is lovely it has just been hanging on the wall in the corner.


  1. goodness I am glad you did that snipping those dresses are just wonderful

  2. As soon as I've paid off the holiday credit card I'm coming in to buy a clothe!


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