Wednesday, 13 January 2010

back to work

Finally I'm back in the studio. 
I realised over the last week how incomplete I am when I am not making stuff. As tired as I have been, I feel a bit more energised by actually starting to get back in the creative groove. And being up and about it seems to be helping with the sciatic nerve problem (fingers crossed) because the pain in my hip is starting to drive me insane. I am so old and decrepit!
I went to the studio today not totally sure as to what I was going to work on. I've wanted to start a batch of garments that layer up so the first thing is a loose pinafore with deep armholes and adjustable straps. The front and back yokes are cut from embroidered panels and body from lovely checked and striped cottons. There not in store yet but very soon.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to check out some knitting machines, to replace the one I stuffed last winter, and maybe see if there are some op shops open. That's the problem with January,the oppies are on holiday but if you time it just right you can get a good haul when they re-open!

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