Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Just back from seeing Colin Meloy do a solo set at The Toff in Town. This week has been all about The Decemberists. Most excellent! Colin is a fabulous performer who you just want to bring home for a roast dinner and a nice chat.
This week has also in a half-arsed way been about attempting to get this year 'started'. January has not been a good month for me, with a serious lack of energy and not even having the strength to procrastinate. The next stage, if things don't get happening, is to feel overwhelmed with guilt for not getting anything done. And so the vicious cycle starts. 
I did get to the studio today but just found it so hard to settle. Flitted from knitting scarves to cutting patterns to darning the hole in a pair of jeans. I must say my bum now feels much more secure after this repair. Now I have to darn an identical hole in my other pair of identical jeans- weird huh?


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