Friday, 8 January 2010

handy-girl limps back into town

I have to say I can barely move today but the splash back is 'finished'. 
It may all fall off the wall tomorrow but today I can stand back and look at it (faults and all).
New taps, new spout, gleaming silver (pressed aluminum) as far as the eye can see. Of course the walls were not square or even flat- which is why the second big panel doesn't want to stay stuck to the wall. Oh and there is the pattern overlay that doesn't match because somehow between measuring etc I forgot what I was doing..
Hell- it's a rental property!

Really over  this renovation lark. There is always that point where I just think 'why did I start this?!'

Time to get back in the studio I think.

Just need to finish painting the walls in the 'backyard'. I'll do that when


  1. ooooo I'm suppressing the urge to say 'SNAP' - to the pressed metal - I have miles and miles of that exact design in the oldest part of my house - its all original (and the paint is trying to hide the fact that there are some MAJOR bits of rust...) - the ceiling features a different pattern - again covering the whole ceiling - its quite a sight!

    and I've always found it rather joyful - hope you enjoy it for however long it lasts!

  2. OMFG!!! absolutely beautiful pen, really you are a complete inspiration, love love love your work... even if at the moment you're completely over it;)


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