Saturday, 16 January 2010

'jethro! how did this cucumber get upstairs?!'

So you've heard the stories of Jethro and the beans, cucumber stalks and chillis.
Well he's taken the next step and is now stealing whole Lebanese cucumbers.
I went downstairs on Thursday night to find him sitting at the bottom of the stairs with a cucumber he had taken off the kitchen bench. I put it back on the bench. Friday evening he took it again but this time he locked himself in the shop with it. I've watched him hold it in his front paws, bite its 'head' off and bunny-kick its 'guts' out with his back feet. This morning I found it upstairs. 
A boy and his cucumber should never be parted.


  1. Jethro is a strange cat indeed!

  2. We have almost personally witnessed this strange behaviour in his natural habitat...


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