Monday, 18 January 2010

a typical day

I've either been under a knitting machine or unpicking mistakes today. I realised what a bad idea having black floors in the studio was when I dropped and lost 2 cir-clips while working on getting the knitting machines up and running. And I realised it's a good idea to sew awake rather than half asleep if you don't want to have to take an almost finished garment apart and re-sew it.
I went down to my sewing machine heaven to talk machines and had to take a pic of this one above- sums things up really. What a brilliant brand name!
Yesterday I got to meet Char and Dave in person, which was just lovely. They were having a jet lag break in Melbourne on their way through from Britain to New Zealand and dropped in. I got Green and Black's- haha to all you crazed G&B's addicts out there- mine all mine mwhahahahahahaha!

I'm off east tomorrow to pick up the first batch of winter gloves and then on Friday I've got another country run in the opposite direction. Come next week though I really have to attempt to be more focused and productive. I can't work out why I am so flibbity-jibbit at the moment, January seems to have had sprung a leak and each day there is a little less of it.

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