Monday, 25 January 2010

ginger fluff sponge

Had a visitor over for tea and cake and a chat, hence the massive house clean and purge. I am the walking dead from all the sorting and vacuuming and shoving stuff into drawers. You wouldn't recognise the place, well it's not totally clean or anything- I think I am incapable of ever living anywhere that is pristine and minimal- but you can certainly see more of the horizontal surfaces than normal. It won't last long trust me.
Even made ginger fluff sponge. Of course it has collapsed under its own weight in cream. It was two inches taller two hours ago. Bit like me. I think an afternoon nap might be in order, what with seeing The Decemberists  last night and massive bouts of cleaning frenzy, I think I'm about to turn into a pumpkin.


  1. Cake in a jiffy bag to Blighty please, yep NOW! DO IT NOW!

  2. Do you think your guests would notice anything after you popped that delicious cake in front of them?? Happy Australia Day, love Posie

  3. HA the house looked picture-perfect and the cake was to die for! Thanks Pene! :)

    So sorry have still not been through all the shots... soon soon... I am thinking I gotta come back with John Laurie!

    LOVE! xx


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