Saturday, 2 January 2010

get up!

Damn it was hard to get out of bed this morning. I let the alarm do its full snooze run but on the last one Jethro jumped off his chest of drawers stalked up the bed and sat next to my shoulder and clawed the quilt until I got up. How the hell he knew it was the final bell I will never know but he got me out of bed, hustled me downstairs and I fired the oven up, got the dough out, put the kettle on, had a shower, stuck the bread in to bake and stumbled back to bed for a half hour read under the covers. Jethro is so bossy.
This sleeping in lark has really crept up on me. I just want to stumble back into bed. I had a bad night's sleep last night, probably due to thinking as I turned the light out 'what would happen if the alarm failed and I didn't wake up and there were irate customers outside the shop....?' and a mosquito who spent the night dive bombing me. I swear it seemed like every 15 minutes I'd wake with a start and then try to get back to sleep. So that is my excuse if you come into the shop today and I talk even more drivel than I usually do.

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  1. I bet the shop smelt good with fresh crusty bread baked fresh in the oven.

    I have revelled in my former glory as a sleeper. Re-embracing the afternoon nap. One day I even had two, with a snack and some gardening in between.


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