Wednesday, 6 January 2010

handy-girl rides again

Still feeling like a lead-arse. As someone said to me today it doesn't bode well when you feel this tired and it's start of the year. Mind you 'start of the year' is an artificial construct anyway. 
I haven't finished with summer yet but I have been getting things started for winter. 
I delivered the angora yarn today and have worked out how to install the splash back in the kitchen (these two things are connected as I need to get the splash-back in before I start dyeing again). I spent time this afternoon attempting to get the spout and taps off the wall and after a trip to Bunnings for a new shiny set I can proudly say I managed to install them all by myself! So the 'handy-girl list' currently stands at
*new sliding door mechanism installed
*new lock on the back gate
*backyard painted (well almost)
*new taps and spout in kitchen
Do a little dance.
Talking to the plumbering guy at Bunnings this afternoon I commented that sometimes I wished I was one of those people who just paid someone else to do the jobs around the house and he said 'but where's the fun in that?'. I have to agree, I may not always do the best job but I always have fun and a great sense of satisfaction getting there. 

Making things, repairing things, baking things. All good.


  1. Hi Pen,

    Are you in the store Sat/Sun? Hoping to drop by and say hi to you and Jethro (will likely be very jetlagged though!). Melbourne is our un-jetlagging stop on the way home. (-:

  2. too amazing, really is there nothing you cannot turn those incredible paws to?
    you are D.I.Y


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