Tuesday, 19 January 2010

golden globes

I went out to pick up the first of this year's batch of gloves this morning. Last time I went up I noticed a fruit tree by the side of the road, I stopped and checked it but the fruit wasn't ripe. This time though- perfect. It's a big tree with lichen speckled branches and the fruit dropped from the boughs when I reached out. It's a plum but the fruit tastes almost like apricots to start and then the plumminess comes through at the end, small and sweet. I discovered that our tea-towel shoppers make excellent harvesting bags!

I also got to meet this little orphan who Jen is hand raising. 
He's not a jabberwocky or a cockatrice, he's a budgie.


  1. Poor little fellow! I hope it all turns out alright for him.
    That tree looks so abundant. Wow!

  2. little birdy....awwwwwwwww.
    really that response is so unlike me, but that we little feathered friend is just about the sweetest thing i ever did see... gush.


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